• Empower employees to work from home
    without loss in productivity
  • Eliminate maintainance and installation
    cost of biometrics systems
  • Manages employees without
    needing security personnel
  • Reduce waste and gain productive
    worktime from your employees

The Punctuality Manager is a smartphone based indoor Attendance Management System. The Punctuality Manager tracks employee whereabouts and location.


Infinal Technologies is a US-based IT company. We are a close knit team that works hard to deliver the best products to you. Our team consist of IT intellectuals who imagine and create exciting new systems and apps for our clients. Our products include The Punctuality Manager(TPM) App, The Employee Tracker(TET) App and The Fire Drill App.


No need to worry about HR Management anymore, TPM provides you the features that manage your employees, calculate their working hours and present the reports to you in a manner that is user-friendly.

No tap No pat

Touchless and automatic attendance recording using smartphones

Live Chat

Real-time chat between employees and management

Slice and Dice

Detailed logs and intelligent reports of employee whereabouts and attendance

Automated Notifications

Notification for admins in case of attendance fraud


Interested? Well, the features are not over yet. There are a number of additional features to meet your needs


Working Hours/Overtime Calculation

Automated calculation of working hours and overtime

Report Generation

Weekly or monthly reports can be generated and downloaded with a single click

Bird's Eye View

Manager and supervisors can see the availability and activity of their personnel

ID Cards

TPM converts the smartphones of the employees into their ID cards by fetching the data directly from the cloud servers

Why TPM?

The Punctuality Manager

The goal of having a productive, vigilant and responsive workforce can be achieved by using TPM. It’s not only an attendance system but is a time, money and energy saver for the organization.

  • Employees don't have to wait for their turn to mark attendance as with biometric systems
  • No chance of a viral disease spreading as no one touches a common surface
  • Doctors are too busy or in a hurry to save lives to mark attendance TPM does it for them
  • Takes practically no time to install
  • A fraud-proof attendance management system with fraud prevention and detection algorithms



You can see the Interactive screens of the App, It's very easy to use


You can download the TPM App from the links below